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The storytelling philosophy podcast where every personal story matters.

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The Reddest Beard

The storytelling philosophy podcast where every story matters and our life purpose gets crafted through self discovery.

About The Reddest Beard

sean martin

My name is Sean Martin. I’m a writer and storyteller.

I believe that the act of sharing our stories is an important part of the human experience. I’ve decided to share my stories – the written word, a podcast, and a YouTube channel – to inspire others to take ownership of their personal narrative and embrace who they’ve become because of their experiences.

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more Tales from The Reddest Beard.

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How to Get Your Friend to Move to the Other Side of the World With You

Season 1, Episode 2    |    23:32 min

Episode 2: Ever had a friend you could convince to do just about anything? I have. 

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Why I Tell My Stories

Welcome to the very first public episode of the Reddest Beard Podcast. Why would sharing your story, my story, and random people's life stories matter? Listen in. Maybe it will resonate with you....

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